Vinnytsya kitchen

In spite of the fact that Vinnytsya the already not first year is a comfort city in Ukraine, for many Ukrainians she remained tourist terra incognita, not maintaining a competition with Lviv, Odesa, Chernivtsi. In the end, and Vinnytsya hardly counted the city tourist attractive yet a few years ago. However Vinnytsya strongly changed in latter days, and together with it, got ambition to become one of main tourist centers of country. It would seem, for this purpose there are all starting terms, however to compete with Lviv as yet difficult. Reasons to it much, but one of main : level of development of гастрокультури, that for internal tourism is a how hardly not key aspect. In fact remembering Lviv, we will remember coffee necessarily, пляцок or chocolate. Zakarpattia is wine and банош. We know, as Odesa fish, Kyiv chop and Poltava dumplings, savours. But do we know, how Vinnytsya savours?

Not secret, that for a country the Vinnytsya meal is a lard and horse-radish. But not хроном only! Therefore except the most obvious culinary associations with Vinnytsya, it is possible to find also something traditional Podolsk : potato and the fried European carp, varenyky, galantine, kissel, stuffed cabbages and borsch. Home meal, that is prepared by local mothers and grandmothers, and that so sometimes it is so desirable and it is so difficult to find, when pizza, dry lands too already. Therefore if you appeared in our establishment, necessarily try such foods.

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