Vinnitsa City Day 2019

Vinnitsa Day is traditionally celebrated in the autumn, on the second or first Saturday of September, with the exception of individual decisions at the city council level. This year, our glorious city celebrates its 656th anniversary.

This year, the holiday date is set for September 14, 2019.

Vinnitsa citizens start celebrating their main city holiday on Independence Square, there will be exhibitions, competitions, performances of different groups, various master classes, charity events, children’s entertainment and in general an interesting concert program will be filled.

Festive events also take place at many locations: on the European Square, on the Maidan of the Heavenly Hundred, on Sobornaya Street, on the Stus Square and in the Central City Park, etc.

The festival will begin with a festive ceremony on the Independence Square at the festival of military wind orchestras of Ukraine “Music over the Bug”. The following performances will be followed by the audience:

• Orchestra of the Center of Military Music of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Vinnitsa

• Honored Academic Model and Orchestra of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Kyiv

• Kyiv National Presidential Orchestra.

At this time, various locations will start their work:

– The project “Vinnytsia is a city of glories!”

– Historical project “Vinnytsia: genealogy of self-government” (exhibition “Gallery of historical costume of XIV-XX centuries.”)

– The Kotsyubynsky Garden Project (Kotsyubynskyy’s living book, presentation of the “Miniature Museum” project, exhibition of museum exhibits)

– ALTMAN Square project (reproductions of the artist’s paintings, a live painting by “Anna Akhmatova”, photos of the installation “Blue Landscape”, competition for the best architectural solution for the improvement of Altman Square)

ALTMAN generation citywide fine arts competition On the Maidan of the Heavenly Hundred will take place the 3rd Art and Educational Festival “VODOGRAY” from Vinnytsia State Pedagogical University named after M. Kotsyubinsky

– The project “The largest coat of arms of Vinnytsia”

– Interactive Location “Planet of Chemical Magic”

– Presentation of the embroidered book about Vinnytsia.

The project “Vinnytsia is a city of active people” will be implemented on the Maidan Vodograi for people of good age. At the same time, the Vinnytsia Food Fest street food festival will start its work on the alleys.

For those who want to enjoy the song performances, we invite you to the Arch of the Central Park where you will hear the Festival of songs about the hometown “Vinnytsia in my heart” or to Vasyl Stus Square. This year Vinnitsa and city guests are expecting an incendiary concert with star guests! Read who will be performing on the main stage soon.

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