Travel trends 2020

Business + leisure = bleisure

Tourist trend, which has become very popular over the past few years, is a combination of business trips with vacations. The standard bleisure scheme is a continuation of a business trip for a few days, during which you can relax and fully enjoy all the delights of the city. According to a study by Avis Car Rental, bleisure is practiced by 87 % of all business travelers. And the organizers of leading events are now trying to build a schedule of conferences or industry exhibitions so that people have time to visit the Museum, walk or go to the theater.

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The Roman Emperor Augustus liked to repeat the phrase – “Hurry slowly”. But the motto of many modern travelers is “Rest slowly”. No rush and running around trying to see and catch everything. Try to sort out the pace of life and habits of the local population, take an interest in culture and traditions. Feel the local flavor, sitting on the outdoor terrace of the cafe and watching passers-by. Meet the sunrise on the beach of a small village away from civilization. Admire the details, explore the surrounding area by bike, find your favorite dish and learn how to cook it. Just relax and enjoy life!

Traveling alone

Collective travel is gradually losing ground, but the number of travelers who do not need companions to learn the world is growing. The ability to set your own pace and directions, not depend on someone’s preferences or mood, make spontaneous decisions and change routes at your own discretion-the undoubted advantages of such trips. If a solo tourist suddenly wants a company, it can always be found among both local and other travel enthusiasts. According to a study by Travel Leaders Group, 36 % of respondents plan at least one private trip in the near future.


The British company Schofields conducted a survey among travelers and got an interesting result: more than 40 % of respondents under the age of 33 years said that Instagram is the most important factor for them when choosing a trip. That is, the ability to take beautiful photos and post them on social networks can be the reason for the trip. Not only architectural masterpieces, exotic nature or monuments of ancient civilizations, but also an art exhibition or a large-scale festival can act as” baits”. The main thing is a spectacular picture that will collect a lot of likes. On the other hand, there is an opposite trend associated with Instagram, when users are choosing a place to travel, they pay attention not to perfect magazine photos, but to “live” pictures of ordinary people.


Which is better – one long trip once a year or several small ones? Recent trends indicate that more and more people are choosing the second option. There are many reasons for this: short vacations, saving money, the opportunity to visit many different countries, live in interesting places, and even the fact that long-term travel is more stressful. 53 % of travelers surveyed said they plan more weekend tours this year than last year.

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