Tour of Vinnitsa

Holidays in Vinnitsa can be varied. After all, this is a city that surprises, inspires, delights and falls in love with itself at first sight. Here they dreamed and hoped, believed and were disappointed, created and achieved. The history of the city is inseparable from the history of the Ukrainian people, the generous land and favorable climate caused the people to settle in Vinnitsa since 1363. If this is your first time in Vinnitsa, then a classic walking tour of the central historical part of it is what you need to visit first of all. Within two hours you will visit the heart of the ancient city and see its main tourist attractions.

Regional Museum of Local Lore
Vinnitsa Walls
Transfiguration Cathedral Jewish
Quarter – Yerusalimka
Kapucin Church
We can book a tour. Please contact the hotel for details.

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